Salad Microgreens Mix(3-6 entrees)

*We usually mix for you or you can leave us a note at the checkout area.
*( Only available to those microgreens in stock, so please check before you order)

🌱3 to 6 entrees of microgreens  ( For those in the same weight )  $8 / bag

     eg. Peashoots + Amaranth + Arugula + Mustard......

     eg. Broccoli + Red Cabbage + Mustard + Radish + Amaranth + Arugula.....


🌱Our Microgreens are all grown with organic seeds and soil. 

✅No pesticides and No fertilizer at all. 

✅No GMO's. No Additives. 

✅Even we use purified water. 

✅All is natural.


🌱Direction For Microgreens


  • Rinse it before you eat.
  • Keep it refrigerated.
  • Best quality within a week

Salad Microgreens Mix(3-6 entrees)