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The GuozGarden was established in 2017

-   ABOUT US  -


In 2017, my grandma who was 88 years old had pneumonia. She was having high fever, dehydration, coughing and sweating, her heart was not in a good condition. The doctor said she needed to go to the ICU immediately. All of my family were very worried. It was not easy to recover at her age. 


Due to my grandma’s terrible health, I wanted to research something that can improve her strength without side effect. I found out that microgreens can offer great amount of strength and high nutritions. In order to produce the best quality, I use organic seeds, organic soil, purified water, no GMO’s , and no additives. Everything grew without pesticide and fertilizer.


My grandma could not chew at that moment. I harvested the microgreens and grinded it up to make smoothie for her to drink every day. My grandma recovered and left the ICU with great health condition after 3 days. I strongly believe that microgreens improved her strength and immune system.


I wanted to start to grow more microgreens and share it to everyone. I wish everyone to stay healthy with natural and nutritious food.